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Reducing Diabetes Testing Supplies Costs

Smart Use of Insurance Benefits & Product Alternatives

It is difficult for the average consumer to understand all the ins and outs of health insurance plans. Managing your insurance benefits wisely can help you reduce the overall costs of your diabetes testing supplies. At Diabetes Management and Supplies, we want to help you reduce your costs for treating your diabetes by maximizing the amount covered through your health insurance.

Health insurance plans include two benefit categories: medical benefits and pharmacy benefits. The benefits are separate for each category, with separate deductibles, co-pays, and benefits. By combining your diabetes testing supplies with your medical supplies, it is possible to reduce your personal costs by eliminating some co-pays or meeting your deductibles more quickly, and activating your insurance benefits sooner. Diabetes Management and Supplies is one of the few healthcare companies in the US that is both a provider of medical products and pharmacy products, and in some instances, we can file your medical products and pharmacy orders to either your insurance plan's medical benefits or pharmacy benefits, whichever is least costly for you.

Another way Diabetes Management and Supplies can help you lower the cost of your diabetes testing supplies is by offering alternative product equivalents that are the same or similar product but cost less than what you are currently ordering. Diabetes Management and Supplies carries a full line of diabetes products and testing supplies from all major manufacturers, and is able to find the product and supplies that is least costly under your health insurance plan.

Diabetes Management and Supplies services thousands of customers and works with hundreds of health insurance plans. Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff perform a free benefit analysis to determine if Diabetes Management and Supplies can save you money on your diabetes testing supplies. Call one of our pump specialists at (888) 738-7929 to determine if we can help you cut the cost of your diabetes care self-management.