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Recommended Diabetes Exams and Tests

Recommended at every visit:

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Brief Foot Inspection.

Recommended lab tests:

  • A1C -- Every three to six months
  • Microalbuminuria (urine test to check kidney health) -- once a year
  • Blood cholesterol, measures “good” cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol, and triglycerides in blood – once a year.
    Coverage – Services of outpatient preferred lab providers are covered at 100 percent. Non-preferred labs and labs in doctors’ offices may require a copay.
  • Eye Exams – Dilated Eye Exam, checks health and condition of blood vessels inside eye – once a year.
    Coverage –Screening like those for glaucoma are usually covered at 100%. Dilated diabetic eye exams may have a specialist co-pay that varies depending on your medical plan.
  • Foot Exams – Complete foot exam with filament test, determines adequate blood circulation and if nerves and skin in your feet are healthy – once a year.
    Coverage – Services of a podiatrist are usually a covered benefit with your plan, but may have a co-pay. Ask your Primary Care Physician if he or she can assist you with this exam.
  • Dental Exams –Exam of Teeth, Gums – every six months
    Coverage – Limited dental benefits include one cleaning, filling and general exam each year. Check your benefits to determine if you have coverage for this exam.
  • Recommended Vaccinations – Flu shot at the beginning of flu season every fall
  • Pneumococcal Vaccination -- As recommended by your physician